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Our proprietary digital software ProcureLink streamlines brand identity asset management

We enable large, global, and multi-location organizations to easily access, edit, and order branded materials 24/7.

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Adding Value Through Online Brand Management

ProcureLink® allows you to order what you need…when you need it. We know you have enough on your plate already, that’s why we created a system that is streamlined, user friendly, and efficient. Whether you are ordering for yourself, or for the whole office – ProcureLink® allows you to get in, get out, and get on with your day (if only that 3:00 a.m. conference call with Tokyo was that simple…) Take a look at what simple looks like…from sitting down to your computer to receiving your new stationery.

On-Demand ordering capabilities will reduce costs and minimize waste – it may also make Bob from accounting happy too.

Personalized Login

The Login page features our Quick Start Guide – which will help get you get going on your path to ordering ease.

Profile Management

The profile information defines what will be printed on your company’s various corporate identity products and becomes easily available every time you sign in.

Shipping Address Management

Create and save multiple shipping profiles, and quickly access them during the checkout process to ship to multiple locations.

Product Catalog

Organize your various collateral pieces however you want, for example; business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.

Instant Preview

See what your print materials will look like with your profile information and pre-defined brand standards for your order.

Approval Process

If your company requires an approval process, a field can be incorporated in the shopping cart at checkout

Once you find the product you need, click preview to instantly see what it will look like printed with your profile information.

  • Lower Total Cost
  • Color Consistency
  • Streamlined Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Brand Alignment
  • 24/7 Online Ordering
  • Automatic Shipping Notifications
  • Custom Site Design
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

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Understanding Complete Brand Management

Request a demo of our award winning ProcureLink® solution for complete brand management and easy online ordering.