Welcome to the world of Regal Press’ 50 years of experience in eye-pleasing and attention grabbing  REGAL EXTREME EMBELLISHMENT

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Regal Press, has over 50 years of experience in deWelcome to the world of Rveloping “eye-pleasing” and attention grabbing REGAL EXTREME EMBELLISHMENT™ finishes.  Materials and treatment include Scodix clear polymer to foil stamping, embossing, holography, thermography, genuine steel die engraving to all types of die-cutting including rotary and traditional die-cutting.  Regal also has custom, proprietary finishing equipment, built by our Regal Quality Craftspeople.  Regal also offers a full array of more standard coatings and finishes such as Soft Touch, Aqueous, and UV as well as all types of laminate coatings.

Regal’s finishes are perfect for all of your packaging needs including boxes and any and all types of Point of Purchase (POP) retail packaging.  Regal gives you the unique visual queues to create truly rare attention for all your packaging requirements.

In concert with these processes, Regal offers access to the finest in FUJI J Press SAMBA multi-color printing equipment. With one of only two machines in the eastern United States available to handle your box and packaging substrates up to a thickness of e-flute corrugated. 

Don’t settle for the substandard equipment currently utilized by other finishers in the industry, choose REGAL EXTREME EMBELLISHMENT to add vibrancy and definition to your brand and packaging.

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